Thursday, May 05, 2005

Lose-win situation

Well, I survived. Steve and I fell to the Valley Vista doubles team 6-1, 6-4. But even though it was a loss I came away feeling like it was a win. My leg was absolutely fine -- I seem 100 percent healed from the pulled muscles I had sustained. And I was happy enough with my game after not having played for almost two weeks. My serve was pretty strong -- I only lost serve once in the match. No, I didn't play great, but I feel like this is very good base to start from. I didn't suck. That was my goal, to not suck, and I achieved that. I'm playing in another league match on Saturday at St. Mary's, so I hope to do even better. For now, I'm just glad I survived playing in the No. 1 doubles slot against a very good team and came away not too displeased with my game. I'm glad my partner was Steve. I've known him a long time and played lots of tennis with him. He's a great guy and a solid player. He was a little off his game and he was a little unhappy about it. He's playing Saturday, too. Hopefully we'll all do better. Oh, yeah, our team lost the match so we're 0-4 now. Captain Jim says we've been playing all the hard teams, and there are some easier teams up ahead for us to whomp on. Good.

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